Announcing The MSFV Success Story Blog Hop!

Wow! The summer has flown by. I can hardly believe that Personal Effects will hit shelves in 6 weeks. I've recently updated the News & Events page with some book launch parties, conferences and festival appearances, and I will continue to update the list as additional events are scheduled.

I'm posting today to alert you to a special blog tour that is about to start:

The First Annual Authoress’s Success Story blog tour!

Authoress Anonymous has built a strong and supportive community of writers, agents, editors, and readers on her blog Miss Snark’s First Victim. There, writers can participate in contests designed to help them practice giving and receiving critiques, polish their hooks and query letters, and improve their writing. Some of these contests help participants place their work before literary agents and editors.

Over twenty authors are now part of a growing group who credit Miss Snark's First Victim with helping them (directly and indirectly) on their road to publication!  Some of us have decided to come together for a blog tour to toast both MSFV and Authoress, and to celebrate each other's work.

Every day in the first two weeks of August, a different MSFV Success Story author will be posting an interview with one of his or her fellow Success Story authors. There might be some giveaways along the way, as well as moments of inspiration and celebration. You can follow the tour by hopping from blog to blog between August 1st and 15th (schedule below), and by following the hashtag #MSFVSuccessStory on twitter. We hope you enjoy the posts, take inspiration from the stories, and help us cheer Authoress and the MSFV blog while reading and commenting on the interviews.

Name Website Twitter Posting Date
David Kazzie @davidkazzie 1-Aug
Leigh Talbert Moore @leightmoore 2-Aug
J.Anderson Coats @jandersoncoats 3-Aug
J.M. Frey @scifrey 4-Aug
Elissa Cruz @elissacruz 5-Aug
Amanda Sun @Amanda_Sun 6-Aug
Kristi Helvig @KristiHelvig 7-Aug
Leah Petersen @Leahpetersen 8-Aug
Monica Bustamante Wagner  @Monica_BW 9-Aug
E. M. Kokie @emkokie 10-Aug
Monica Goulet @MonicaGoulet 11-Aug
PeterSalomon @petersalomon 12-Aug
Sarah Brand @sarahbbrand 13-Aug
Angela Ackerman @angelaackerman                              14-Aug  
Tara Dairman  @TaraDairman        15-Aug
By E.M. Kokie

Author of young adult fiction, including PERSONAL EFFECTS (Candlewick, 2012) and RADICAL (Candlewick Press, Fall 2016). Often opinionated. Sometimes Sarcastic.

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